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A loving community, experiencing God, and communicating the life-changing teachings of Jesus Christ.

Education Program

The Educational Program has four groups and begin midway through the Sunday church service. Teachers and children leave for the service for their lesson before the sermon at roughly 10:30am.

Nursery School

Children are allowed to play outside on the playground or inside the Kirk house with toys depending on the weather.

Elementary School

The curriculum for elementary school teaches from the Betty Luken Children's Bible in Felt.

Middle School

The curriculum for Middle School is teaching through R.O.A.R. and C.S. Lewis's Narnia Chronicles.


Teaches from a curriculum focused on teens and blends in crafts such as jewelry, quilting, knitting and card making.

For more information on the Education program feel free to call Sue Cannon at 831 466-9724 or send email to suecannon@yahoo.com.

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